A quick fix to band saw blade fracture problems

by:Muwei     2020-09-24
Band saw blade fracture is one of the most common failure, then how we can better avoid blade fracture? Foshan wing cobolli gigli then solve how to quickly solve the problem of the blade is broken for you. 1. Clamping block due to too tight or too loose and abrasion, scratch that saw the side. Tight increase saws with load of fracture; Too loose can make the saw away partial or curf has a ripple. 2. Saw belt tension is too large, and bearing capacity of more than cause broken belt. The system pressure is 3 GZ4040 band sawing machine. 5MPa; GZ4025 system pressure is 2. 5 ~ 2. 75MPa; Tension is about 9. 4 ~ 10. 09年kn /平方毫米; Saw with the bearing capacity of about 10. 93 kn /平方毫米。 Should pay attention to adjust the system pressure. 3. Guide block wear saw back caused by wear, saw belt back crack cause broken belt. Guide block alloy have obvious grinding crack and grooves, saw back in irregular scratch and scratch place fracture, band saw machine to check. 4. On the clearance between guide is not appropriate, to cut back on the heavy pressure, the excessive saw take root in tension cracks cause broken belt. Inspection methods: adjust the two wheels of tangency, with two saw arm cracks at the same level, cut back and round shoulder to keep a certain distance, is not to cut off the paper; Place good saw belt with a straight edge along the direction in the middle of the saw arm measurement, alignment at 0. 1 to 0. Between 2 mm and determine the sawing back and guide block perfectly; Guide block set of clearance of 0. 5mm。 5. Worm gear and worm excessive wear brittle zone. Worm and worm wheel in the late wear will not operate normal mesh, shock phenomenon, saw with instantaneous overload caused by brittle zone. Need to often check the abrasion of worm gear and worm and timely replacement of 6. Cutting fluid too little or too thin, the friction resistance increases, the cutting heat is not dissipate in time, cause tooth softening, sawing increases with load, strip break easy generation and tooth. Should always check the cutting fluid concentration and complement in time. 7. Sawing sawing speed and decreasing speed mismatch, low speed, fast drop, saw with overload and fault belt. Sawing speed fast and slow down, work efficiency is low, tooth prone to early wear, affect the service life.
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