According to different materials, the choice of different band saw blade

by:Muwei     2020-09-14
Pipes, profiles for how to choose appropriate pitch
the selection of the saw blade, in addition to the influence of the cutting material, shape and size of workpiece is the factor that nots allow to ignore. For special shape pipes, profiles, how to choose the appropriate blade? Besides the choice can effectively reduce tensile tooth in vibration, on the choice of pitch, we also need to pay special attention to, the following is our of different specifications of the pipes, profiles cutting pitch selection Suggestions.

according to the hardness of workpiece material and different thickness of blade thickness selection. Saw or thick, soft material should the space is larger, should choose coarse teeth blade; Sawing hard materials and thin pieces, at the same time, the number of teeth on the cutting, the cutting quantity is little and even, to minimize the collapse and tooth passivation, tooth even serrated blade should be chosen. Processing copper, aluminum and other soft metal and thickness of workpiece should choose what kind of saw blade? Answer: coarse teeth blade hard steel, sheet and thin wall pipe workpieces should choose what kind of saw blade? Answer: the serrated blade ordinary steel, cast iron and medium thickness of workpieces should choose what kind of saw blade? Tooth saw blade in answer:

double metal band saw blade failure and repair
we are using double metal band saw blade of the fault is that several strip break if it is, can be split by grade level, then use the spot welder welding after quenching, with grinding wheel grinding flat, and finally can be used. Generally the job need professional operation if not familiar with to yourself. If are available for the blade wear cause interface is not sharp, band saw blade the sawtooth peak, usually to sell the place where the saw blade to be able to repair. Under the condition of high speed steel structure does not damage usually can repair repair again but usually use not too long, the life of a price can also
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