According to the properties of the material the correct adjustment of band saw blade cutting rate

by:Muwei     2020-09-13
By knowing the thickness of material cut size, we have been able to choose the suitable for cutting double constant, but the nature of the same specifications of the material itself are different. For example when cutting pipes, profiles, due to be cut the width of the range change is bigger, constant blade prone to gaps and blocking tooth groove. At this time, we need to be targeted to choose double constant tensile tooth profile. We always geely band saw blade, used the patent design of tooth profile, enhanced intensity of tooth, tooth shape is a special cutting pipes, profiles. Also cut into bundles of artifacts, also can choose geely band saw blade, can effectively avoid vibration of sawing, prevent to pull teeth make bimetal strip extend the service life of saw blade. When cutting high hardness materials, materials, strong resistance to deformation ability of resist pressure ability to sag to the big, double metal band saw blade can produce serious wear and friction heat, reducing the cutting performance. We want to decrease the amount of feed, can effective cutting. In cutting soft materials, the material may be sticky, hoarding in alveolar collapse caused by teeth, we should choose a big alveolar bimetal strip saw blade, also to speed up the appropriate cutting rates. We in the actual production and processing, how to better highest efficiency in the use of double metal band saw blade, is worth pondering the question, need to cooperate well with the operation of sawing machine. This article key words: band saw blade
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