At present, the development of the band saw blade industry in the market?

by:Muwei     2020-09-02
Metal cutting industry as a fundamental industrial department form a complete set of industry, industry development and national economic development is closely linked. Due to our country's economy will replace extensive growth mode to intensive growth mode, double metal band saw blade for cutting as a kind of advanced cutting technology, gradually to the attention of the relevant industrial sector. “ Double metal belt saw blade industry in China are gradually towards the rapid growth stage. Although the current domestic overall market size is not very big, but the momentum of rapid growth, the development of the industry leading global average speed greatly. ” International mold association secretary general luo hui said, as the way of economic growth in China has gradually transformed and enhancement of the concept of energy conservation and environmental protection, especially the top ten industrial revitalization planning, in-depth implementation of China's metal cutting with double metal band saw blade market will gradually entered the stage of a new round of rapid growth. 2006, our country now metal cutting double metal band saw blade of a total sales of 19. 04 million meters, the size of the market to 10. 0. 2 billion yuan; In 2009 in the metal cutting double metal band saw blade sales reached 33. 8 million meters, the size of the market up to 18. 2. 3 billion yuan, by 2015 China's metal cutting double metal band saw blade sales will reach 100 million meters, the size of the market will grow to 57. 7. 5 billion yuan. In recent years, the development of the country in fast development, the construction of investment and the rapid development of national economy has become the double constant overall market growth in China provides a strong power. The double constant of 2006, China's overall market size of 20. 56 million meters, the overall market size of band saw blade in China in 2009 up to 36. 1 million meters, is expected to double constant overall market size of 2015, China's promising breakthrough to 110 million m, 2006 to 2015 the average annual compound growth rate will reach 20. 7%.
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