Double metal band saw cutting stainless steel should be chosen?

by:Muwei     2020-08-16
Stainless steel with large plasticity, high toughness, high thermal strength characteristics, these characteristics cause the stainless steel cutting four difficulties: 1. Serious work hardening tendency; 2. Chip easy adhesion, is not easy to discharge; 3. Poor heat dissipation, high temperature in the cutting zone; 4. Double metal band saw blade is easy to wear. When choosing a double constant, therefore, the double constant quality requirements higher, saw blade should have better heat resistance and high resistance to wear. Common use in the double metal band saw cutting carbon steel materials, processing, and should not be used for the stainless steel material and fastness should choose more cutting band saw blade, can achieve satisfactory result of sawing. In fact, the hardness and strength of stainless steel is not high, common 304, 316, 316 l stainless steel material hardness in 20 - probably Around 25 HRC. But the quality of a material soft big viscosity of stainless steel, cutting chip not easy eduction, and easy to stick on the sawtooth, secondary cutting, this will increase the teeth of saw blade wear, saw blade are more likely to wear and tear. So, the Renault band saw blade cut QXP series wear resistant features, can more effectively meet the demand of sawing. When cutting of the stainless steel material, the feed pressure than carbon steel to bigger, the double constant speed is slower, this is to pay special attention to the point. Speed around 25 Between 35 m/min is most suitable for, also not enough to more than 40 m/min. Otherwise, the speed is too fast cause incision formation mirror effect, and is smooth and hard material surface sawtooth is not easy to cut, will increase the difficulty of the cutting. In addition, in the selection of double metal band saw blade tooth shape, pay attention to choose before the big Angle of tooth profile. Such not only can reduce the workpiece deformation, can also reduce the cutting force and cutting temperature, reduce the depth of hardening layer. Stainless steel materials in the process of cutting, cutting fluid and the steel wire brush, is particularly important. Cooling and lubrication of the cutting fluid, steel wire brush to clean the chip, can effectively alleviate the difficulty of the cutting.
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