For geely electromechanical belt you know band sawing machine operation procedure?

by:Muwei     2020-09-11
Guangdong band sawing machine are very common in many industrial use, yong geely electromechanical small make up today to explain the guangdong band sawing machine operation procedures, there are many different kinds of sawing machine, each model has its own special advantage, is widely applied in cutting your career. About cutting career professionals who are increasingly favour digital-control sawing, meanwhile what is the cause of, the following as we discuss together. Nc sawing machine such as circular saw blade, saw belt or saw blade for cutting tools, cutting round metal materials, the material, pipe material and profile of machine tools. Sawing machine machining accuracy is generally not high, usually for preparation workshop to cut off the bar, pipe materials such as profiles. By the driving wheel and driven wheel drives the saw blade, saw blade cutting direction guide control frame manipulation. After adjusting the rotation bearing dispatch band saw blade is straight after flicking cutting machine will cutting off. Is supported by the hydraulic oil cylinder piston rod guide control fall into sawing material, band saw equipped with manual or hydraulic oil cylinder stuffing locking organization, as well as the hydraulic operated valve switch, etc. Nc sawing machine button interface, high mechanical operation is very simple and power. CNC work according to material of sawing machine. According to the combination of the Numbers: ordinary band sawing machine and to be more sawing machine, etc. Disk saw generally refers to the metal disk saw, it is a kind of hydraulic disk saw. Vertical slide up and down in a knife, precise feeding structure, movement, floating material, it does not hurt the workpiece surface. Metal disk saw, also called pipe cutter, and general metal circular saw ( Pipe cutter) , just as its name implies, can cut some of the common metal: copper, iron, aluminum, stainless steel, etc. 吗? 吗? Band sawing machine and disk saw is the same thing? What is the relationship between them? Generally by definition, the band sawing machine is the kind of band saw blade for ringy gratuitous saw that around two saw wheel on one-way continuous linear motion to sawing wood sawing machine; Disk sawing saws in saw blade for the sawing machine, can be used for cutting metal and nonmetal. The band sawing machine band saw blade cutting speed is usually 30 ~ 60 m/s; Saw wheel on the lifting device is used for loading and unloading and adjust the elastic band saw blade; Saw wheel back on prone device used to prevent the band saw blade in sawing off from saw wheel. Operating CNC sawing machine due to the careless way, when the workpiece is not or artifacts are unsafe, when cutting loose or workpiece vibration shape, sawtooth in uncertain external force under the action of the passive gear. Saw blade installation does not reach the designated position, saw blade grinding climb back saw wheel stop mouth edge, abnormal working of saw blade. New nc saw blade without normal running in high speed cutting, and feeding too much, cause collapse pull teeth, this phenomenon is a common problem in the operation, should be more attention. Sawing machine cutting saw frame lift the machine, cut off the workpiece squeeze each other move, touch into the rising cause cutting saw blade. Artifacts are incorrect, the workpiece is easy to produce mobile teeth lead to crack. New nc saw blade is not running in, sawing feeding is too big, artificial reason tooth to the upside, the saw blade is cut workpiece collapse teeth can result from a hard point. Sawing machine operation is accomplished through mechanical movement, the mechanical work of the various components of the friction, impact force and unbalanced force will attack oscillation and noise have oscillation will attack. For guangdong band sawing machine you if there is any don't understand, can focus on our website.
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