For geely electromechanical tell you use the band sawing machine those matters need attention

by:Muwei     2020-09-11
Geely electromechanical small make up forever tell everyone in the use of guangdong's note: when band saw cutting operation before wearing tight protective clothing, cuff button, coat tails can not open, it is forbidden to wear gloves, not near the start of machine tool wear, change clothes, or throughout the body, prevent the machine from ground injury. Braid must be placed in cap, not wear a skirt, slippers, it is important to note that the following considerations. Get everything ready before work, machines on hydraulic clamp installed make saw materials center in the middle material saw the trip. Raw materials put into level on the hydraulic pliers, at right angles to the saw blade. To cut Angle expected, is the first hydraulic pliers, adjusted to the required Angle size of sawing shall not be greater than the size of sawing machine * * * * * *. Before work must check the various parts of the vertical band sawing machine and the oil pump is normal, the oil was clear. After the oil hole on lubricating oil for test. Must be regularly check the amount of oil, gas and maintain a good filter, maintain the cleanness of sawing machine. Saw blade must tighten, saw before commissioning idle minutes, to play the hydraulic cylinder and hydraulic transmission device on the oil groove in the air, and check the sawing machine for XXX. Must be special hydraulic oil and lubricating oil in the hydraulic and lubrication device, cooling fluid must be clean, and according to the periodic replacement or filtering. Lifting of steel material, safe and reliable to ensure the spreader, prevent steel slide or hitting arm bruised. Rack to check whether the solid, stable, in order to ensure the security of the feeding. Vertical band sawing machine card material is strong, reliable, prevent it from sliding or break off the steel saw blade, drop down when smashing machine or cuts. To install solid vertical band sawing machine shield, to ensure safety. Sawing pipe or sheet profiles, pitch should not be less than the thickness of the material, should handle back to slow when sawing position, and reduce the amount of feed. Saw no fingers close to the saw blade in the process of material and saw blade teeth, also not allowed to touch the motion mechanism. To open the cooling fluid first saw material, found to have abnormal sound, timely stop, check and troubleshooting for professionals. In sawing large diameter steel material near the sawing, should slow down the amount of feed, avoid tumble hurt when sawing machine in operation, no middle variable, saw the material to put positive, clamping, card, according to the material hardness and saw blade decided to feed quantity and quality at the sawing of material, to strengthen the observation, pay attention to safety operation. Guangdong band sawing machine, after using ram should be raised to the specified location, parking power, clean up the iron filings and wipe the sawing machine. After work, to cut off the power supply, put all the control lever back space, and to do a good job of cleaning. If discover fault when vertical band sawing machine is running, should immediately stop report mechanic to repair. The above content is guangdong matters needing attention should be paid to the band saw cutting, hope to help everyone in the future.
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