For geely instance on the metal band saw tooth type selection

by:Muwei     2020-09-11
Make broad band saw blade is puzzled the customers don't know how to choose the saw blade tooth type, our popular divides into the blade pitch in big teeth or coarse teeth, teeth, small teeth, or call instead of serrated, actually this rough idea is out of the specification. Band saw blade pitch model is diversiform, the band saw blade pitch is subdivided into 8/12, 6/10, 5, 8, 4/6, 3/4, 2/3, 1. 4/2, 1/1. 5, 0. 75/1. 25. Material selection, different sizes of their best pitch, prolonging the service life of the band saw blade is the fastest way! Now we selected the customer more often consult material specifications, listed corresponding tooth plan, hope can provide you with more specific and more direct reference. If you have other questions, also can ask our online customer service or call 13720213737 to provide you with professional help. Q: sawing about 20 mm outside diameter, wall thickness of 1 mm material, 10 root cut together side by side, choose what pitch? A: the specification material wall is thin, you must choose small tooth, it is recommended to use 8/12 or 10/14 of a pitch. Q: cutting materials mainly to 45 # round steel, Q235, Q345, is about 100 mm in diameter, single cutting, should choose what kind of pitch? A: recommend choose 4/6 tooth is advisable. Q: is a diameter of 150 - processing materials 180 mm of 45 # round steel, choose what pitch right? A: recommended choice for three-quarters of band saw blade pitch. Q: saw stainless steel pipe, diameter of 120 mm, wall thickness of 1. 5 mm, single cutting, band saw blade pitch should choose? A: is suitable for use 8/12 of the pitch. Stainless steel materials are difficult to cut materials. Q: cutting material is 45 cr, a diameter of 600 mm, what pitch can cut well? Answer: the specification material is larger, the proposal chooses 1/1. 5 big gear cutting is preferred. Q: cut bearing steel, material size specifications are more diverse, there are 20 - small Around 50 mm, 70 - About 150 mm, band saw blade teeth, how to choose? Answer: to solve the problem of cutting material specifications of different sizes, Suggestions separately using different teeth. 20 - Around 50 mm materials can choose 4/6 teeth, 70 - 150 mm material can use 3/4 teeth.
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