For geely to teach you maintain metal band sawing machine

by:Muwei     2020-09-12
Foshan wing geely pointed out that the metal band sawing machine daily maintenance should is the responsibility of the operator, is a day should be performed according to the following content: a. The operator before the operation: 1. To wear tight protective clothing, cuff button, coat tails can not open, it is forbidden to wear gloves, shall not take off to change clothes near the start of machine tool wear, or throughout the body, prevent machine and injury; 2. Tours of inspection should be ready before open sawing machine equipment; 3. Limits should be taken before the winter work run 10 minutes, for the various parts of the sawing machine preheating. 4. Check the lubrication system for oil, and all lubricating points of the guide rail surface oil once per shift. 5. The liquid surface is higher than standard two-thirds of cooling liquid. 6. Manual tensioning of saw blade, for 20 - tensioning torque 25 m, n * heard giggles torque wrench or see a pointer readings. 7. Point moving blade is off. Idle running 3 - at low speed 5 minutes, confirm lubrication, hydraulic, electrical systems and the ministries operating normally, to begin to work. 8. According to the workpiece size adjustment of left and right two guide arm distance, so close to the workpiece, the clamping jaw than artifacts commonly 5 - open 6 mm can be adjustable. Second, in the process of sawing: 1. When a longer cutting billet, billet in sawing machine material rack unable to maintain a balance, sawing machine should be placed at the front legs, avoid cutting work piece fell, to ensure the safety of billet sawing. 2. When non-standard electrodes in the large size into the clamping calipers difficulty, shall not be foolhardy hard hit, so as not to damage the sawing machine. Gently should use the crane. 3. Cutting billet, saw frame feeding pressure, feed rate should be reasonable. According to the billet material and specifications timely adjustment, adjust the pressure and speed should be slow, to prevent damage to the equipment. 4. If there is a lot of scraps and accumulation in the process of sawing on the plane and saw wheel box, should try to keep clear of in time, in order to avoid blocking the toothed wheel, affecting the service life of cutting effect and saw blade. 5. Replace the saw blade, disconnect the power, to prevent accidents. A new blade used in order to improve the effect of using need to saw blade & other; Running-in & throughout; 。 6. During operation the sawing machine, found to have abnormal noise, should immediately stop troubleshooting; If the operator himself cannot solve, please relevant personnel to assist. Three, after cutting: 1. The billet after cutting, should be placed in a certain distance away from the sawing machine, to ensure that the operator at the foot of sawing machine operating within the scope of barrier-free. 2. Before coming off work should be saw frame, put the switch and handle in non-work position, disconnect the power, the device is wiped clean. Above need operators strictly implemented, so as to ensure safety, and prolonging the service life of the sawing machine.
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