German band saw blade installation procedures and matters needing attention

by:Muwei     2020-09-26
Germany's high performance band saw blade, carbide band saw blade is high stability, high cutting precision, suitable for high load, the cutting requirements of the mass production for a long time, ever and geely metal processing co. , LTD. , original import from Europe. But the band saw blade requires the user to properly install and use, can play itself has optimal performance. 1. Saw wheel inspection: A. Check saw wheel beating, normal beat the range should be to 0. B within 5 mm. Check saw wheel parallel, when idle, check the band saw blade radial runout, positive &negative all needs to check, beating well range should be to 0. 10 mm or less. 2. Band saw blade tensioning: forever geely company provide carbide for 27 mm is the width of band saw blade, must be good control during installation as the width of the band saw blade hanging round of 20 & ndash; Article 21 mm and tension band saw to the appropriate tension, the band saw tension is the normal range for 40 & ndash; 50 n。 M3. The main purpose of the guide wheel, guide wheel is to prevent the band saw blade rotation. There is need to check the following several matters, A. The guide wheel lubrication on a regular basis to keep the bearing rotating flexible B. Adjust the clearance between the guide wheel and its band saw blade should be 2. 5 - 3 mmc。 Before use to check whether there is guide wheel wear, particularly if there is a groove, if can ask professional personage to fix or change. 4. Sawing clip: A. Adjust the sawing clip to the saw blade spacing, the correct spacing for & le; 0. 05年百万桶。 Saw in use process will wear, attention should be paid to trim saws, leveling grip. 5. The replacement of band saw blade use: under the condition of normal, band saw blade in use after 2 hours to replace the band saw blade, let the stress of the band saw blade can be released. Can improve the normal service life of the band saw blade, which is to guarantee the quality of the product processing. So it's best must ahead of schedule 2 & ndash; Article 3 the switch using saw. 6. Cooling and cleaning: saw wheel should pay attention to clean, to avoid the band saw blade and round saw between the impurities, sawdust. Way is without influence on the surface of the cutting on the surface using diesel, doing so is to have the effect of the cleaning and the lubrication, in addition, can also be on the sawing clip package to help clean wear-resisting, such as denim. 7. Note: the thickness of the saw blade usually < 1. 45 mm, saw wheel diameter requirements & ge; 1000× The thickness of the blade, for example, saw blade thickness of 0. 9 mm, then the corresponding saw wheel diameter is 0. 9毫米× 1000=900mm。 Saw wheel diameter can't too small. The band saw blade fracture may increase a lot.
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