German ebel Eberle round steel cutting tooth double constant tensile

by:Muwei     2020-09-28
Why do you choose to use the German band saw blade
to talk about business with foshan two days before a customer, the customer specified buy German band saw blade. See their company is all some aluminum material cutting, I recommend to them the Renault band saw blade, but the customer insist to buy German ebel band saw blade. I asked him why he must buy the German German ebel band saw blade, he said, first of all, the German steel quality is better known in the world, the second is that they have been using German ebel band saw blade. German band saw blade is first introduced into China, and the German steel quality is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, maybe that's why so many people choose the cause of the German band saw blade.

retail foshan wing geely engaged in tensile tooth M42 bimetal strip saw blade, material type hollow tubes, square tubes, flat steel, round steel and other materials, type 3350 * 27 * 0. 5 * * 0 27 9350. 5 * 9411 * 1. 1 type, etc. You can according to their own cutting materials, select the corresponding pitch: foshan wing geely to market and development business philosophy; In & other; Meticulous, keep improving & throughout; For the principle, gives its own rapid development. Perfect after-sale service system won the favor of customers and praise, the products sell well all over the country, the company wholeheartedly welcome new and old customers work together. As bimetal strip saw blade factory, foshan everlasting witness of giovanni cobolli gigli has more than six thousand customers, bring a number of industry qualifications, with many years saw practical operation experience, apply to each brand band sawing machine, and with the well-known domestic manufacturer of sawing machine saw blade, has successfully develop materials for various industries to solve different hardness and complex shape cutting problem.
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