Hard metal band saw blade application ( 1)

by:Muwei     2020-09-02
Carbide band saw blade used currently in the process of mechanical manufacturing, due to the upgrading of products is also very soon, and for the selection of parts also have higher requirements, especially in the aerospace, large power stations and ships and other industries in the manufacturing process, some of the difficult machining material like high temperature alloy, titanium alloy, heat-resistant stainless steel, composite materials and some other materials, has now been adopted, the application is larger and more highly commonly used high temperature alloy material processing and more attention by people. High temperature alloy band saw blade, usually divided into three categories, is the iron-based high-temperature alloy band saw blade, band saw blade and nickel-based superalloy cobalt-based superalloy band saw blade, from the degree of difficulty of processing, processing of nickel-based superalloy should be more typical and representative. The main reason for the high temperature alloy band saw blade difficult machining can be summarized as four aspects: first, mainly to the processing of high temperature strength, high work hardening tendency of large, generally use the unit of nickel-based superalloy for cutting force will be 50% higher than medium carbon alloy steel; After processing of workpiece surface layer of work hardening and large residual stress and hardening degree can be as high as 200% ~ 500%; Second, the main is the poor thermal conductivity, its coefficient of thermal conductivity is about 1/5 of the 45 steel ~ 1/2, so its cutting temperature will be high; Three, mainly is the caking tendency of band saw blade, during the processing of high temperature alloy susceptible to devolop tumor, makes the cutting is not stable, will affect the machining surface quality. Fourth, elements of high content, main is strengthened. Form a large amount of abrasive is very strong in the middle of the alloy metal carbides, metal compounds, such as some hard points, the band saw blade will have a strong abrasion.
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