Hard metal band saw blade application ( 2)

by:Muwei     2020-09-01
Under the high temperature alloy material, is the first process in mechanical manufacture, some traditional blanking technology and process, are generally above the horizontal band sawing machine USES ring type double constant to bar or the blank parts of different cross section cut off ( Ordinary alloy tool steel and its high speed steel band saw blade can not carry out under the high temperature alloy material processing) 。 Adoption of high performance high speed steel bimetal strip saw blade for cutting processing of high temperature alloy, the cutting efficiency is low, life will also cut short, cut a diameter of about 130 mm high temperature nickel base alloy bar for example, USES the M42 double metal saw blade is usually a blanking time is about 8 ~ 10 hours, and the life of a band saw blade is the next thing, only then we chose a high-quality superhard type double constant ( Brand of M51) , using the band saw blade to the same specification, the material with the same material under the high temperature alloy bar material processing, the result is in the cutting efficiency and tool life are improved slightly, but increase the size of the just is between 15% ~ 20% ( The band saw blade cutting edge in the hardness of HRC 67 ~ 69) 。 Geely think forever with the band saw blade to carry on the processing of the material and type high temperature alloy will not be able to meet the requirements of production, so we went through the comparison of many schemes, then choose the cemented carbide with high hardness, double metal band saw blade, after a long period of experiment and practical application, indeed, hard alloy double metal band saw blade in the process of material machining under the high temperature alloy obtained obvious effect, it can meet the production schedule of a request.
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