How to efficiently use the double metal band saw blade

by:Muwei     2020-09-20
In general, double metal band saw blade sawing strapping material pitch than cutting single pitch to a larger piece of steel sheet. Some manufacturers use a software program the best method to determine the strapping or stack of steel. For example, by vibration plate will be disordered workpiece automatic neat orderly orientation and accurate delivery to the next working procedure. Greatly save the human cost, improve work efficiency. However the vibration plate metal right put in vise is very important, so that in the whole cutting process, for ever and geely band saw blade is always in a consistent feed rate continuous cutting material cross section. In addition, when cutting steel, the appropriate speed is very important. For example, usually at a speed of about 250 FPM cutting A36 carbon steel material. But the speed will change depending on wall thickness. If conditions do not allow for internal maintenance procedures, looking for a band saw blade manufacturers to provide these services will be very important. Proper maintenance including check of the condition of the band saw guide and centering, and check the band saw tension flange, and once every two years, clean watch oil sump. When the band saw blade is in the best working state, roulette and conformity is band saw blade, and reduce the risk of broken band saw blade, finally to improve the productivity and profits. Hardness of soft material to use faster speed, so that you can let the sawtooth fast in and out of the incision, otherwise the sawtooth drag back and forth a thick sawtooth put additional pressure on the chip area, lead to serrated split or saw blade fracture. In running, once saw happen collapse teeth, slow down the band saw blade speed is a common way to cope with the situation, but in most cases, so it is wrong, will make problems worse.
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