How to get to the maintenance of band sawing machine band sawing machine maintenance

by:Muwei     2020-09-24
In our production work, the choice of buying horizontal metal band sawing machine or maintain band sawing machine, for we are now working environment is more serious, usually sawing machine will damage and failure, and aimed at these problems easily, in fact, we can all be maintenance to reduce the occurrence of these faults. Failure occurs when the sawing machine parts, we can go through some corresponding measures to reduce the extent of the damage, thus to extend the service life of band sawing machine. One, the first to check on the horizontal double metal band sawing wire brush to ensure the neatness of the table below, you can even go to replace steel wire brush to reach its height just zone of tooth saw blade serrate. And ensure that gear box on the band sawing machine and hydraulic tank oil has enough hydraulic oil. Second, we will use wire brush to bimetal strip of the saw blade iron filings, can avoid those tiny scrap iron to mix into the saw wheel and eliminating iron die for components caused by the wear and tear. Three, if the wrong installation wire brush will make double metal band saw blade and the band sawing machine damage to some of the parts, and if it's in the normal work of the replacement of cooling fluid, we must keep the dirt iron filings to clean inside the tank.
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