How to improve the service life of the band saw blade to reduce costs, 2)

by:Muwei     2020-09-20
Through the above analysis, the reason of influence the service life of the band saw blade is clear enough, to achieve the fundamental goal of extending the service life of the band saw blade, mainly is to start from the following aspects. 1, we will strictly in accordance with the procedures to get up to speed. For bimetal strip M42 saw blade tooth hardness is high, the new band saw blade tooth after quenching is easy to damage, have to pass strict running-in can normal use, so must be strictly according to the rules of operation, the speed of the band saw blade should be adjusted to 60 ~ 70 r/min, the pressure to adjust to 1. 5 ~ 1. 8 mpa, falling speed to adjust to 1. 0 to 1. 2 cm/min, the time to master in 2 ~ 3 hours. Right through above methods, make the band saw blade alloy cutting edge smooth sharp, not easy to break and damage, the sawdust modest, discharge, and improve the service life of the band saw blade. 2, according to the different stages of band saw blade, showing different characteristics, reasonable choice of raw materials for sawing. The whole band saw blade use process is mainly divided into three stages. Just running in good new band saw blade is for the first stage, because all sorts of performance are haven't reach the best state, medium speed sawing diameter more than in 80, hardness is high grade three anchor chain steel. Use 40 ~ 50 hours, into the second stage, l at this time all sorts of band saw blade performance basic achieve the best value, then can sawing various cuhk specifications of the materials, about this period of time to stay in 70 ~ 80 hours, and then into the fatigue period, that is the third stage, the band saw blade performance began to decline, the diameter of the sawing will stay under 80 low hardness level 2 chain steel and after quenching. Through the above method, can reasonable use a band saw blade of stage performance, can improve the service life of the band saw blade to a great extent.
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