How to improve the service life of the band saw blade to reduce costs, 3)

by:Muwei     2020-09-20
3, according to the diameter of the raw materials to choose the right tooth profile. The band saw blade tooth profile is usually divided into: 2 - 3, 3 - 4, 4 - 6, 5 - 8, 8 - 12, 1. 5 t - 1. 9 t, 1。 1 t - 14 t seven, cable manufacturing industry commonly used at present basically has: 2 - 3, 3 - 4, 4 - 6 three, below 30 in diameter round steel should select 4 - 6, will select 3 - more than 30 words 4. Fang, and other profile should choose more tooth tooth density. Only the choice of correct tooth can perform its characteristics, to improve the service life of the band saw blade. 4, the correct adjustment is key. Oil pump pressure, guide block firmness of a great influence on the service life of the band saw blade, to adjust than to be correct. The pump pressure adjusted to 3. 5 ~ 5 MPR, otherwise, will be caused by unstable pressure is passed on to the wheel blade fracture. Guide block to adjust to the position of the bolt, the band saw blade force can be uniformly in all directions, working properly and without resistance. The speed of band saw blade rotation speed to adjust to 80 ~ 90 RPM. Steel wire brush to adjustment in place. Cooling liquid with moderate concentration. The above conditions for lack of a all not line. 5, strengthen equipment management. Band saw blade in the process of use must be uniform, especially of tooth after loading, must be uniform, if there is equipment failure, unstable running and falling speed, will the band saw blade damage extremely easily, therefore, must strengthen the equipment maintenance management, make the speed of the band saw machine can work well, so as to improve the service life of the band saw blade. 6, to strengthen the technical training of operators and reduce artificial damage. Through training, to make it fully understand the characteristics of band saw blade and sawing machine equipment, operate, through technical duration etc activities to continuously improve the level of operation, reduce man-made damage, improve the service life of the band saw blade. 7, through the above introduction, we can see that the factors affecting the service life of band saw blade is there are many, but basically is to eliminate, control through the chain manufacturing brutal market competition, in the use process of band saw blade, in accordance with the above method, by increasing the service life of the band saw blade, sawing to reduce costs, to increase the market competitive power, is a good way.
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