How to through the appearance quality of band saw blade

by:Muwei     2020-09-22
Want to look to understand the quality of the band saw blade, mainly has the following methods: 1. Have band saw blade surface crack, rust, scratches and knock against, although these are small problems, but also to the service life of the band saw blade will be slightly affected. 2. Check whether the band saw blade welding place is strong, welding dislocation or uneven, but also should not have empty welding, porosity, slag, weld defects, etc. Band saw blade welding, will lead to oblique cutting, broken belt and other serious influence the service life of the band saw blade. 3. Check the band saw blade the tooth of the presence of blunt, collapse edge, missing teeth, affect usage of defects such as burrs. 4. Saw blade on the belt body with laser printing clear labelling the English signs, of the specifications of the blade length, pitch and other information. Pay attention to check these little details, are used to prevent the band saw blade specifications do not tally with the sawing machine, material, is easy to cause the product scrap. Above is through the appearance to check the quality of the band saw blade, if you have other questions, can be directly free to call our hotline: 4008 - 408 - 909.
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