How to use the band saw blade cutting aluminum is better to use?

by:Muwei     2020-09-23
We know that aluminum corresponding texture soft, low intensity, but its viscosity and the abrasive is very high, so the band saw blade has a high quality request. Foshan everlasting lucky for you do next in detail: soft aluminum alloy is easy to tooth, so often appear & other; A feed & throughout; Phenomenon, cause tooth load is too high. High speed can effectively reduce the tooth load, at the same time also can better prevent cutting Angle and cutting chip. The devolop tumor is the most common when sawing aluminum is the hardest problem to solve. High speed cutting, the band saw blade can produce a large amount of heat concentration, resulting in a decline in tooth hardness. While cutting aluminum and produces a large number of chip, high viscosity of aluminum is easy to stick on the tooth form the devolop tumor. So cutting aluminum option tooth tooth groove is larger, the chip, also can increase the surface finish of parts. In addition, aluminum abrasive will accelerate the band saw blade tooth wear, shorten the life of band saw blade. In the general casting, the silicon content of Si in 6 - About 20%, institutions more complicated castings, such as thin heat dissipation fin, silicon higher Si content. The higher silicon content, the more you hard point, will reduce the life of the band saw blade. And alumina also can produce hard point, reduce the blade tooth part of the life. Compared with the ordinary carbon steel band saw blade, double metal band saw blade and aluminum carbide band saw blade sawing efficiency improved significantly. Double metal band saw blade sawing aluminum speed can be controlled at 150 m/min - About 300 m/min ( Horizontal sawing machine) , sawing aluminum gate and riser of carbide band saw blade the speed is adjustable to the m - 900 1200米/分钟。 Hard metal band saw blade in sawing aluminum has very good abrasion resistance, but not all of the sawing machine is fit for. Because using carbide band saw blade, band saw machine requires better rigidity, speed, feed can be infinitely adjustable-speed. For many common sawing machine, unable to meet the requirements of speed and belt speed is too low will cause poor control and oblique cutting, so choose double metal band saw blade will be better. When cutting aluminum, can use 10% concentration of water-based or oil-based cutting fluid, also can be used for cutting aluminum cutting fluid, the cutting fluid to prevent the devolop tumor effect is better, can also reduce the oxidation when sawing, prolong the service life of saw blade. Also note when cutting fluid is used, do not need to water the full blade, only will be poured into the cutting area, the tooth tip to work to wash, lubrication and cooling.
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