Introduction to basic knowledge of double metal band saw

by:Muwei     2020-09-10
Machinery manufacturing industry in the rapid development in recent years in our country, so the metal band saw blade is becoming more and more high performance requirements. In the manufacturing industry in China, sawing product has play a decisive role, the invention of new raw materials for our country's saw blade manufacturing injected fresh blood, so it is urgent to development of modern manufacturing industry, become a general trend in the development of our country band saw blade. The band saw blade pitch has two forms: such as tooth and tooth. Such as tooth is easy to understand, is the distance between each saw band saw blade is equal. Because such as tooth pitch is equal, so when the cutting force uniform, cut surface is smooth, but also easy to produce resonance, resulting in damage to the workpiece and saw blade. So technicians developed can reduce vibration of the tooth, so as to adapt to a wider range of cutting requirements. Got tooth cutting, the noise is small, compared with such as tooth, is suitable for cutting materials specifications size range larger, stronger versatility. This is the reason of variable tooth become widely available on the market at present. Sawing parameters: the saw blade tension: before using a new blade sawing, should first check the tension. If necessary, to tighten after a small amount of cutting. Band saw guide: cutting accuracy depends on the band saw blade guide Settings: device closer to the material, the higher the cutting precision. Sawing saws with speed: the width of the belt speed by the sort of material, material is determined, and the tension of the saw band. A hard material must be with lower saw belt speed; The width of the smaller must bring with faster sawing speed. Contour cutting: cutting materials, according to your need, please choose the most suitable types of saw blade; According to you need the minimum arc cutting materials ( Radius) , choose the width of the saw blade. Arc ( Radius) Is smaller, the narrower the width of blade. Sawing saws with pressure and feed rate: take the pressure and feed rate is decided by the width of the material types, material. A hard material and larger width of the material to choose the big pressure and feed rate; A soft material with a smaller and smaller width of pressure and feed rate. Cooling and lubrication: most of the metal cutting process, the cooling and lubrication is indispensable. For cast iron, brass, and some non-metallic materials, such as plastic and graphite, can or not when processing lubrication. Use requirement ___________ working, artifacts should ensure that are fixed, profile positioning conforms to the turning direction, so as not to cause abnormal, not to the lateral pressure and curvilinear cutting, feed to smooth, avoiding the blade impact contact artifacts, thereby leading to blade is damaged, or artifacts, there was an accident. This work, they found abnormal sound and vibration, cutting surface is rough, or produce peculiar smell, must be immediately put an end to the work, timely check, troubleshooting lest produce an accident. C. at the start and stop cutting cutting, don't feed too fast, to avoid damage to broken teeth. 4. If cutting aluminum alloy or other metal, to use special cooling lubricants, in case of saw blade overheating, tooth paste, and other damage, influence the cutting quality. ⒌ device chip groove and slag suction device ensure unblocked, to prevent slag into pieces, affect the production and safety. Pictures of dry cutting, please don't long time continuous cutting, so as not to affect the service life of saw blade and the cutting effect; Wet piece of cutting, should add water cutting, guard against leakage.
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