Introduction to knowledge of band saw blade

by:Muwei     2020-09-09
M42 double metal band saw blade for cutting processing of various kinds of productive and unproductive. Has a strong heat resistance and abrasion resistance. Can keep in hard metal cutting high cutting efficiency. Note: sawing machine and saw with devices such as work should try to avoid in the bad environment. one Scope 1 band saw blade. Standard gear: this kind of normal tooth type is suitable for cutting different kinds of materials. Due to excellent Angle, suitable for cutting thin and small diameter beam material. 2. Hook tooth: for high-speed cutting, strong in cutting will produce large spiral sawdust material, especially suitable for. 3. Variable pitch: can effectively reduce the noise and vibration, very suitable for cutting vibration occurs easily don't gauge shape material. Even if the high speed cutting, the sawtooth is not easy to break. 4. Curvature of tooth: suitable for all kinds of pipes, profiles of hard metal cutting, the tooth profile is wear-resisting, tensile, etc. two The basic characteristics of M42 double metal band saw blade features: M42 tooth material ( 8% cobalt) RM80 back material, electron beam welding of tooth hardness HRC67 - 6900 teeth or positive rake Angle characteristics: high wear resistance, high hardness, not break, long service life, saw cutting ability, high efficiency. Scope of application: high, medium and low carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, all kinds of cross section shape. To sum up, the applicable scope of the band saw blade is very wide, regardless of whether it can cut any material to it with all sorts of tooth profile, sawing doesn't solve the problem. As to how long can, is about to see is you choose what material and how to maintain.
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