Let customers with the finest of band saw blade

by:Muwei     2020-08-29
Everyone knows bimetal strip cutting steel saw blade is used for cutting tools, how to meet customer demand, & other; Let the customer use for saw blade & throughout; Is the primary task of the company, so manufacturers must do the following: raw materials, design, good, good production and good service. First, you need to have the high quality raw materials, as the saying goes, & other; One can & throughout; , without a good raw material, is unable to produce advanced band saw blade products, foshan wing geely believes that quality is heavier than mount tai, only high quality imported steel raw material is likely to produce high quality double constant. Second, we should have a good design, namely blade tooth profile design should conform to the principle of physics, on the whole to the quick, provincial, three aspects of research foundation, fast is the embodiment of the sawing machine efficiency, able to quickly finish workshop work. Province is used to reduce costs, for the company the key is to reduce the wastage of the band saw blade, improve the service life. Followed by stable quality, put an end to oblique cutting, the abnormal phenomenon such as cracking, cutting, premature passivation. Third, to produce good, also is that quality is stable, the staff should have good attitude, attitude decided by the quality of band saw blade, we always adhere to the quality first production concept, through learning, improve the skill levels of employees. From raw material inventory to the output of finished product dispatch, cengcengbaguan, enterprises should also constantly upgrading existing production lines, improve the accuracy and performance of production equipment. At the same time continue to introduce advanced production equipment, and constantly improve product quality. Fourth, to good service, the first is before the service work, through the cutting requirements of our clients, tailored for the customer the cutting plan, choose the normal cutting speed and band saw blade tooth shape, followed by the after-sales work, keep good communication and customer, according to temporary needs of customers, to improve in time, to the next level of service quality to meet customer demand, to the customer to do a good job of equipment commissioning and operator training, regular return visit to customers, through a service form good continuation. Only in this way can we win the double metal band saw blade market competitive advantage.
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