Meet/the basis of band saw blade saw blade experience summary

by:Muwei     2020-08-15
Tooth width: also known as the contour. From the tip of the tooth to length is known as the tooth width of the back. The larger the width of the band saw blade the higher the intensity, the high precision cutting. Tooth thickness: the thickness. The greater the thickness of band saw blade the stronger rigidity, thereby cutting to gravity. But with the increase of the thickness, rotary and additional curvature, band saw blade is easy to produce fatigue. Tooth type: also known as the pitch. Refers to the 1 inch ( 25. 4毫米) The number of teeth on the contained within the scope. The choice of the tooth shape of cutting operation has a direct impact. The combination of the saw tooth and tooth groove changes can prevent the cutting scrap iron in the block. Pitch: the distance between the adjacent two addendum. Tooth: also known as the tooth groove. Is the space between tooth. For the produced during the cutting chip completely ruled out to be cutting materials and indispensable space. Tooth deep: from the tip to the tooth groove the lowest parts of the distance. : in front of the cutting through the surface of the blade on it. Back: the surface of the workpiece processing on through the surface of the tool. Cutting edge: to the front of the cutting edge. It consists of the front and the back of the intersecting line. Tooth end arc radius: connection in front of the blade and the previous teeth at the back of the arc radius. Base: through cutting edge choose fixed-point and perpendicular to the plane of the back side. Anterior horn: assuming no points in the front of the tooth and the Angle between the reference plane. Wedge: no points, the Angle between the front and back. Tooth: points for the forming cutting clearance and make the sawtooth sideways out of quantity. Total amount of tooth: considering the amount of points teeth on each side, between two relative cutter tooth saw blade total thickness, the thickness determine the total width of the saw blade cutting. Double metal band saw blade type gear tooth shape features: the choice of name code standard F for cutting straight teeth are used for general operations, such as medium and low carbon steel. Standard variable tooth PF carbon structure, can be processed in the straight tooth bevel 10 free-cutting steel. Universal change gear PFV tooth bevel within 10 machining of carbon steel, cast iron, stainless steel, alloy structural steel. The standard variable FV straight tooth can be cutting carbon steel, non-ferrous metals. Variable skip PCV arc tooth bevel within 10 for processing heavy industrial steel, non-ferrous metal, profiles. Jump jump hook tooth PO tooth bevel within 10 for processing heavy steel parts and pipes. Straight flute tooth: features: rake Angle is small, wedge Angle is big, the tooth is high; The stability of the sawtooth, strength; Small tooth groove bottom cracking possibility; Gear grinding difficult. Used for cutting hard material saw blade is more wide, the thinner, the more is not easy to maintain stability, suitable strength have thrown; The wood is hard, feed speed is, the greater the jagged load, the greater the more is not easy to keep the saw cutting stiffness, optimum strength is larger; Flat rim saw wheel suitable strength small, flange saw wheel of strength.
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