Metal band saw blade specifications

by:Muwei     2020-08-17
Middlemen, agents, and manufacturers all around the industry know metal band saw blade specifications of how to express. But many use metal band saw blade the customer is not very understand. For the latter, to find suitable for their own use of band saw blade before work is how to identify format on the market of metal band saw blade specifications. One, the metal band saw blade specifications we also mentioned before the common expression of common metal band saw blade specifications representation method, the following said: this is what we often see metal band saw blade on 27 * 3505 * 0 of the specifications of the form. 95 * 3/4P ( The last P is said & other; Tooth & throughout; , there is also a manufacturer is represented by T. ) 1, this basic is a fixed width and thickness of the following: 27 * 0. 90, or 0. 34 * 1, 95. 07 41 * 1. 30 54 * 1. 60, 65 * 1. 60, 80 * 1. 2, length can be customized, 60 basic manufacturers can be customized according to customer requirements. Is also only a few toothed. Common model is shown in the diagram below: 2, involving the material expression usually constant tooth hardness is not the same. Involved in the model M51 or M42 this hardness on the part of the tooth. M51 is harder than the M42, suitable for cutting hard material, such as stainless steel, alloy steel, etc. Relatively soft and M42, therefore, considering the cost problem, sawing common metal materials, such as carbon steel so that the use of M42 general metal band saw blade. Three, metal band saw blade specifications of letters each manufacturer to divide different band saw blade tooth shape with different letters. For example, in the company's NSS SHB, SPL of band saw blade, SKL, SGL company AMADA AMADA SGLB of band saw blade, PRO is the English letter said according to different cutting material. Need to consult the manufacturer. Manufacturers also have direct with 8 & deg; Angle, 0 & deg; Angle, flat, pointed teeth directly describe constant tooth shape. Want to know about band saw blade for more information please attention forever geely's official website: WWW. gzdjt8. Com contact phone number: 15603056330
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