Metal band saw blade which is strong

by:Muwei     2020-08-18
Strong metal band saw blade which is very versatile and can be with any type of metal band sawing machine, applicable to all types of metal band saw blade for cutting, such as: steel, weathering steel, alloy steel, bearing steel, stainless steel, heat-resistant steel, aluminum alloy, steel, etc. Mainly refers to the tooth material for high speed or high performance high speed steel, the saw blade body material is low alloy spring steel metal cutting band saw blade. Metal band saw blade which benefit from the good flexibility, fatigue resistance and can bear large tension, tooth hardness higher a variety of mechanical properties, whether in the cutting efficiency, energy conservation and environmental protection or machining accuracy than traditional disk saw and bow saw have obvious advantages, its arrival on the global metal sawing industry has brought the revolutionary change, created the metal band saw blade cutting technology. The material characteristic of strong metal band saw blade which is metal structure: RM80 back piece, high fatigue strength; M42 tooth material, 8% cobalt content, the sawtooth HRC67 - hardness 69. Metal band saw blade which is strong main advantages are: 1, high wear resistance, high hardness; 2, sawtooth not break; 3, long service life. Article source: http://www. gzdjt8. com
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