Metal band sawing machine often encountered problems

by:Muwei     2020-08-20
Metal band sawing machine not l saw what is going on? Encounter this kind of situation, usually sawing machine electromagnetic valve is broken. If tongs clincher loose and no may be the reason for the oil pump. No problem, of course, the premise is to determine the electrical aspects such as push button switch, trip switch contactor rectifier bridge. Or is there is something wrong with hydraulic system or the electrical system, the problem you will ask professional personnel for repair. Furthermore is a directional valve card in an action, or lose electric solenoid. The best thing to do is to unpick and wash, if you haven't solve the problem is where the machinery, see if there are no other sound. If your metal band sawing machine there is a problem, you as far as possible or please the professionals to repair. So when purchasing a metal band sawing machine must choose one after good manufacturers. Such as: we have many customers are buying the permanent geely metal band sawing machine. For geely's pre-sale and after-sale are very much in place.
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