Metal band sawing machine system control

by:Muwei     2020-08-20
Metal band sawing machine control system transformation, the closed loop position servo system control is easier. Ordinary solenoid valve only & other; Tong & throughout; 、“ Broken & throughout; Two states, and the metal band sawing machine has electromagnetic mechanical lag. Hydraulic oil temperature and pressure changes affect the feed sliding table positioning, so metal band sawing machine adopts the traditional control theory to it is difficult to handle. Before in order to make it reach the target location can shut down the feed oil cylinder hydraulic feed, the feed cylinder when stop right in the target location. Metal band sawing machine servo position control system module is controlled by sampling interpolation and foresee the position control of combining ( The specific control) 。 And metal band sawing machine ordinary electromagnetic valve cylinder position control module is used to study, forecast control, through the metal band sawing machine system experience and the current state, to decide whether to shut down the location of the feed oil cylinder, the feed cylinder when stop just can reach the target location. Due to electromagnetic mechanical hysteresis and the effect of motion inertia, through & other; Tong & throughout; “ Broken & throughout; To control the feeding mobile 0. 1 mm is almost impossible. In order to guarantee the minimum length of feeding and the feeding accuracy, the clamp can make feed sliding table back to LK corresponding position, and then move forward to predict good location LT and close the feed solenoid valve. When feeding oil cylinder movement stops after the clamp shall be clamped. Tongs clamped in place when the first clamp should loosen, wrench to loosen in place before begin to feed. Feeding in place to the former clamps. After tongs clamped in place before the pliers to release in time. Clamp loose in place after began to retreat, to prepare for the next can feed on time. Although the system of multiple mobile positioning distance in 2 x ( 路- - - - - - L) , but the whole process of metal band sawing and cutting process is tied to. When feeding length is less than the biggest feed length does not affect efficiency.
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