Metal band sawing machine when using sawtooth problems and reasons

by:Muwei     2020-08-24
1, the metal band sawing machine using sawtooth oblique cutting is what reason? 一个。 Tooth wear. b。 Tooth wear in not enough. c。 The gap between the guide arm is too large or is to guide the arm to online at the same level, should be mobilized. d。 Metal band sawing machine side roller or a tungsten steel protection, should be changed. e. Band saw tension is too small. f。 By sawing workpiece splint paralysis. g。 Riveting. 2, heng si mai metal band sawing machine using the serrated tooth wear too fast what reason? 一个。 Tooth is not deformed. b。 Freezing liquid depth is not can or is too little. c。 In the review or steel ball switch. d。 Mobilize feeding or band saw blade cutting speed adjustment. e. Choose the appropriate shape. 3, metal band sawing machine use of serrated teeth is what reason? 一个。 Choose no accurate: pitch is too big or the band saw blade. b。 Data or the sawtooth flow is not good. c。 Excessive cutting feed or with sawtooth speed is too fast. d。 Riveting. e. Steel wire brush to suspend the task suddenly, make the cut out. f。 Cutting fluid through the low. 4, metal band sawing machine use of sawtooth strip break what reason? 一个。 Bad sawing machine guide arm. b。 The gap between the guide arm is too big. C。 Peak sawing machine roulette rotation JiaoChang is too small, suggest use is narrow and half band saw. d。 With sawtooth tension is too large. e. Excessive cutting feed. f。 Riveting. 5, metal band sawing machine use serrated cutting in the name of coarse is what reason? 一个。 Heng si mai band saw cutting feed speed too fast or too big. b。 Tooth is not deformed. c。 Tooth wear. d。 Review or change wire brush. e. Riveting.
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