Novice how to band sawing machine for saw blade

by:Muwei     2020-09-15
For beginners band sawing machine was used for the first time, how to use on the saw blade in sawing machine is a feel very difficult thing, actually very simple, as long as according to the following procedures, it is easy to the saw blade into the band sawing machine. For geely band saw blade operation procedures are as follows: 1. Expand the saw band, attention should be paid to avoid touch the teeth will sawtooth knocked off. 2. According to the following method will cut ribbon on the main, driven wheel: (1) take saw. (2) under the condition of head is on the rise in the main, driven wheel wheel cover open. (3) a left-handed saw belt tensioning lever, passive wheel will be moved to the driving wheel. (4) loosen the left and right guide arm activity. (5) saw band set in the main, driven wheel, then insert the saws with lower left and right guide arm positioning block, push up saw belt, saw brought back to the above bearings. 6 dextral tensioning lever slowly, saw belt tensioning moderately, turn the motor pulley cone with the hand, make saw take back natural on the edge of the main, driven wheel on the eaves, smoothly through the guide arm, until the two teeth clasped and rotate to the tensioner will work two cover can be put down. Don't pay attention to is that after the saw blade set into the band sawing machine, be sure to check the blade tooth orientation. The band sawing machine running direction is counterclockwise running, so the blade tooth is generally towards the right direction, can achieve the goal of cutting, once the wrong direction, will be not only feel the chain saw, and saw blade tooth will most falls off phenomenon. This kind of operation is very simple, band saw machine to the scene debugging, the best by them is responsible for training to user operation. Keywords is band sawing machine contact phone number: 15603056330
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