Renovation of the band saw blade features ( 12)

by:Muwei     2020-08-30
Now most products on the market are empty false false, so most of the manufacturers are more or less with some worry, fear of buying his own band saw blade will be renovated band saw blade, not new. That what should I do? Don't worry, let giovanni cobolli gigli show you know the old and the new recognition of saw blade. From the outside is to look for any signs of use, especially in the blade surface, used the saw blade has saw road, is to have two traces, a lot of saw blade is renovated, the band saw blade can not use. And see if the distribution of tooth and, generally every blade has the distribution characteristics of it, have a plenty of the distribution of the tooth, have a plenty of the distribution of the small tooth, still have a plenty of big, small distributed, and hook tooth. Major is distributed to all with, and tooth tip can't see with the eye is white or black, this is the main, because black prove band saw blade grinding paste, have hair get points prove blade is used. The last is the toughness of the saw blade, elasticity is close friends certainly, not worship is bent with the hand, also bring some rigidity. Read this article, whether to solve your doubt? These results are permanent geely are selected from many enthusiastic netizens method, hope to be able to solve your problems, finally, I wish you a happy reading!
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