Shenyang metal band sawing machine continually replaced by new ones

by:Muwei     2020-09-10
Our company first to shenyang metal band sawing machine, operating. Continuously developed for upgrading, shenyang metal band sawing machine and good results have been achieved. Now has all kinds of automatic, semi-automatic, WoLiShi, double-column gantry shenyang metal band sawing machine, with high technology content, reasonable structure, functional characteristics such as stable; Goods sell like hot cakes all over the country, favored by customers. In order to ensure the shenyang metal band sawing machine in market competition, our factory select diversified development ideas, to forge ahead, but shenyang metal horizontal band sawing machine buy home) is reasonable. 1, the use of the adjustment of the cutting point: if you want to cutting any point in the Angle of 45 degrees, the first relax fixed handle, then push saw GongShun clockwise turn, aim at this point on the demand on the scale you point of view on the scale, at a fixed lock handle. 2, when you adjust shenyang metal band sawing machine cutting point of view, with a small vice viewpoints also needs to follow to adjust to relax fixed screw, will face the big vice small vice, again to make the small vice and vice point of view, after the retaining screw. 3, to saw with life spans primary resolution in an appropriate depth of turning, and depth is by saw intrusive, cutting speed, Saw with speed) And cutting force ( The saw bow incised speed) Resolution, and incised pressure. 4, shenyang metal band sawing machine saw huge serration saw teeth and large less, can make the cut is not stable, and because each add jagged cut load, simple make serrated teeth, crash damage. If saw tooth is too small, the occurrence of Jane sawdust block, the use of a shortly after wear and damage. Cut patience outstanding and is soft, artifacts, should try to use the band saw blade coarsely serrate, if desired outstanding cut side should choose fine serrated saw band.
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