Simple analysis of the two kinds of band saw blade welding methods advantages and disadvantages

by:Muwei     2020-08-31
Currently on the market the double metal band saw blade welding method has two kinds, one is artificial spot welding; The other is a mechanical laser welding. The following simple introduce the pros and cons of two kinds of welding methods. Let's talk about artificial spot welding, also known as argon arc welding is a welding using argon as shielding gas technology. Argon arc welding technology is on the basis of the principle of common electric arc welding, using the argon gas protection for metal welding materials, through high current on the welding backing weld material melt into liquid and the formation of the welding pool, cause the weld metal and weld material metallurgy combined with a kind of welding technology, due to the continuously in high temperature melting welding on argon gas, make the weld material can not contact with oxygen in the air, so as to avoid the oxidation of the weld material, thus welding stainless steel, iron, metal metal. Argon arc welding is widely used mainly because has the following advantages: 1, argon gas protection can be isolated from oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen gas in the air on the negative effects of arc and molten pool, reduce the loss of alloy elements, in order to get dense, no splash, high quality welding joint; 2, argon arc welding, arc burning stability, heat concentration, high arc column temperature, welding production efficiency is high, narrow heat-affected zone, the welding welding stress, deformation, cracks tend to be small; 3, Ming arc welding, argon arc welding is also known as operation, observation is convenient; Arc length electrode loss is small, easy to maintain, during welding flux, coated layer, so easy to realize mechanization and automation; In terms of in double metal belt saw blade welding, this technology gradually be eliminated. Its shortcomings: 1, the influence of argon arc welding because hot area is big, the double constant after repair often leads to distortion, low hardness, sand holes, partial annealing, cracking, pinhole, wear, scratch, bite, or the adhesive force is not enough and the internal stress damage, etc. 2, argon arc welding of human body damage degree is higher, the argon arc welding current density is larger, the light is strong, its arc generated by ultraviolet (uv) radiation, about 5 ~ 30 times that of the ordinary, welding, infrared about electrode arc welding of 1 ~ 1. Five times, when welding the generated ozone content is higher, therefore, try to choose better local construction of the air circulation, or have a lot of damage to the human body. Currently only used in small workshops and private enterprises. To introduce laser welding, laser welding is using high-energy laser pulses to local heating in small area of material, the energy of laser radiation by heat conduction to the internal diffusion of material, the material after melting form specific molten pool in order to achieve the purpose of the welding. The obvious advantages can minimize the heat demand, small heat affected zone metallographic change range, caused by heat conduction and the deformation is the lowest; Laser beam is easy to focus, alignment, and guided by optical instrument, artifacts can be placed in the proper distance, and can be around the workpiece machine or obstacle between the guide again, other laws of welding by the above space is limited and can't play; A laser beam can be focused in a smaller area, can be welded and interval of similar small parts; Weldable material types range is bigger, also can mutual joint of heterogeneous materials; Are easily to automation for high speed welding, also can be digital or computer control; When the welding BoCai or small diameter wire, not like arc welding easy to melt back. Is not affected by magnetic field by ( Arc welding and electron beam welding is easy) , can accurate alignment welding; Welding different physical properties ( Such as different resistance) The two kinds of metal; You can switch device will be transmitted laser beam up to a workstation. Excitation laser welding is also has its limitations, the position of the welding parts need to be very accurate, must be within the scope of the focused laser beam, welding parts need to use the clamp fixture, must ensure that the final location of the weldment need laser beam and aim the impact of the solder joints. High reflectivity and high thermal conductivity of materials such as aluminum, copper and its alloys, weldability will change by laser; Energy conversion efficiency is too low, usually less than 10%; Bead rapid solidification, porosity and embrittlement may have concerns; The equipment is expensive. Comprehensive comparison of the methods above, in the double metal band saw blade welding, the second method is ideal. Company is currently using the German import the IDEAL laser butt welding machine, grinding machine, also has Taiwan sandblasting machine, professional high-quality personnel operation, the joint is firm and beautiful, almost never broken connector. This article key words: band saw blade
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