The design and choice of carbide band saw blade ( 3)

by:Muwei     2020-08-31
Through the above four aspects, the carbide band saw blade for high temperature alloy processed, geely over metal mechanical processing plant has achieved obvious economic effects: after test, the application of multiple data results contrast, now use carbide band saw blade and the original use of double metal band saw blade processing, in comparison with high temperature alloy cutting efficiency can be improved 5 ~ 8 times, if you want to processing the blank size is 140 & times; 245 nickel-based high-temperature alloy GH4169 was investigated, the original M42 double metal band saw blade under the expected, the next thing is need time is about 6 ~ 8 hours, and now the selected carbide saw blade machining high temperature alloy, a workpiece cutting time is about 1 hour or so, at the same time, more can highlight is the improvement of band saw blade life. On the type and specifications of the high temperature alloy blank during processing, the original use of M42 bimetal strip saw blade, a band saw blade only to the next thing, and now the carbide band saw blade, a saw blade can be generally blanking 20 ~ 24 pieces, ( Under the reasonable selection of cutting parameter, proper operation of major cases, a saw blade can also expect that 40 ~ 50) Although it USES carbide band saw blade price about five times higher than the double constant prices, but from its cost-effective and comprehensive economic benefits in terms of ( A comparison of the typical case through the above, we can clearly see that one of the strengths of the carbide saw blade) , carbide band saw blade is used to process high temperature alloy is very economical, reach the hard alloy saw blade and realize the low cost, high life, the purpose of efficient processing.
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