The focus of the saw blade welding step commentary

by:Muwei     2020-08-15
Band saw blade at the time of use will have the possibility of welding, about the band saw blade welding, small make up is very had something to say, because there are a lot of knowledge to explain this. Might as well together with small make up take a look at. First the blade on the saw blade plate, directly around the fluctuation band saw plate, vertical cutting and the cutting knife is ok, and we need the length of the blade. Then you can start welding, adjust the welding head pressure adjusting device, make two holder for the longest distance between the original. The ends of the saw blade are respectively CARDS into two welding clamp, but note that must closely rely on the inside of the chuck, tight to ensure that the saw blade in a line. Secondly to ensure two chuck saw blade joint is a good contact, to ensure normal welding; In order to improve the solubility, can speak left when operating chuck move to the right; Switch on welding, saw blade will start welding, if had raised welding joint, welding was successful. Saw blade welding is completed, even with a small grinding wheel for tapping careful grinding, in order to reduce the resistance when sawing, avoid the happening of the blade is broken. The hotline: 020-18127838097 62296724 QQ: 62296724
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