The most effective use of Renault band saw blade

by:Muwei     2020-09-14
The use of the Renault band saw blade; 1, blade pitch: correct selection of sawtooth pitch and the selection of cutting speed and feedrate is just as important. Saw a cipher cause Renault band saw blade fracture, kerf curved blade wear too fast. Sawtooth gap between too dense tooth filled sawtooth easy to fracture. 2. Renault band saw blade tooth profile: design is not the same application, weak cause of blade fracture tooth, tooth shape choosing grinding error quickly. 3. Running-in: each Renault band saw blade should be adjust, in order to obtain high efficiency of service life. Renault band saw blade in improper sawtooth wear too fast, vibration is big, easy to cause product surface roughness. 4. Band saw life: a lot of Renault band saw blade will be scrapped due to abrasion, pay attention to the signs of wear and tear. Sawtooth wear and tear of the kerf curved sliding cause product surface roughness. New Renault band saw blade before use must to get up to speed. A no running in the service life of saw blade is a running-in good blade 1/3 or less. Saw blade running-in can only use the normal pressure/rate and cutting speed, feed until saw 300 & ndash; 1000 cm2 surface area. Will feed rate increased to normal gradually. Saw belt speed: Renault band saw blade speed by material type, width and saw belt tension. A hard material must be with low Reynolds saw belt speed; The width of the smaller must use faster sawing Renault belt speed. Renault band saw blade is mainly used in small cutter drill bit, blades, etc, begin to be in the Renault band saw blade manufacturing industry, but start the effect is not very good, because at that time integral of the titanium nitride saw blade is not only expensive, but many Renault band saw blade manufacturer for saw blade manufacturing quality is inconsistent. Website: http://www. gzdjt8. Com contact phone number: 15603056330
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