The service life of saw blade is associated with what

by:Muwei     2020-08-15
The service life of the band saw blade and the band sawing machine and the cutting parameters and so on many factors are related, foshan everlasting lucky for you explain mainly include the following: 1. Selects high quality band sawing machine, correct operation and adjustment of machine tool is to guarantee the service life of the band saw blade is the most important factor. Machine tool rigidity and good working performance, can prevent vibration and a variety of stress to the huge impact of band saw blade. 2. The use of the service life of saw blade and the band saw blade way between contact or larger. The use of a saw blade, as far as possible to avoid quality problems, saw blade at the time of use, try to revolve around later maintenance. Select the band saw blade you will use correctly. No a cutting band saw blade can be suitable for all requirements, and various forms and characteristics of the saw blade has its different utility, the options include appropriate saw blade width, tooth form and tooth space. 3. It use of sawing parameters, mainly including band saw blade linear velocity, feeding, saw blade tension, etc. When material cutting ideal chip should show tight rolls, silver and has a warm feeling. Such as sintering, brown, blue, hypertrophy or powdered scraps, such as the need to adjust the parameters. 4. Proper use of cutting fluid and its mixture, can the lubrication and cooling band saw blade, and in a timely manner to clean off the sawtooth in addition. 5. Correctly & other; Running-in & throughout; The new band saw blade, & other; Running-in & throughout; By sawtooth natural wear and tear, remove tooth blade burr, the band saw blade gradually into the normal state of cutting, avoid prematurely cause serrated edge collapse and edge, especially section change sharply, profiles, tubes and different materials is particularly important. For & other; Running-in & throughout; , you should adjust the machine parameters to about 50% of the normal cutting efficiency, cutting area in general is 200 - 600 cm2, no abnormal condition after adjusting the related parameters, gradually into the normal state of sawing.
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