The use of metal band sawing machine safety matters ( 1)

by:Muwei     2020-08-22
1. The use of metal band sawing machine shall not exceed the specified purpose and scope. 2, the use of metal belt must carefully read the instructions before sawing machine. 3, the user must be on the metal band sawing machine operator professional training, has the security has the ability of various operations, in order to prevent from improper operation causing damage and damage to human and machine. 4, the user must be strictly in accordance with the provisions of the operating instructions of the correct installation and use of metal belt sawing machine, and provide the appropriate areas around the metal band sawing, areas should be clean, not interfere with the operator of obstacles, to facilitate for safe operation and daily maintenance. 5, the operator must, in accordance with the requirements after training and instruction manual operation, and regularly on sawing machine maintenance, maintenance, and to keep a safe operating condition. 6, the operator must be in the metal band sawing machine has safety protection device under the working conditions, and regularly check their integrity, anyone is forbidden to dismantle the safety protection device on the machine. When it is necessary to set protective fence around the machine. 7, the operator must cover all guard before open saw, at the same time adjust adjustable double constant shield to as much as possible close to the workpiece. When the machine's operation, can not open the cover. 8, remove and replace the band saw blade, must want to confirm the machine stopped running after, just can open saw wheel protective cover, and often should check whether the shield support is solid and reliable. Must wear protective gloves when disassembling band saw blade, guard against scratches and stabbed. 9, metal band sawing machine at work, it is strictly prohibited to any body contact operation of band saw blade and into processing zone, it is forbidden to get stuck or have cut off the artifacts. 10, it is forbidden to anyone with gloves and wear loose clothes machine operation and maintenance.
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