Through the band saw blade abrasion position sawing machine operation

by:Muwei     2020-08-25
When using the band saw blade, common wear for fracture belt, pull the tooth, cutting Angle, cutting surface is rough this several. This paper mainly according to the location and shape of the band saw blade wear sawing machine in the use and operation issues. If a saw blade fracture trend upward from the tooth side, shows that movable side guide arm far from been cutting material, should be closer. If a saw blade from the back of the fracture, explain guide wheel wear is too big, should be timely replacement. And saw blade tooth is too much friction, embedded devices is flabby, so should be firmly fixed in the normal position. Saw blade surface pressure traces too much, may be a wire brush wear too much, which results in the roulette have scrap iron to remove. From the broken belt, generally fall into two, one is cut in the saw blade welding, there is no doubt that this is a problem of welding; Another case is broken in to bring in or near the welding mouth, it shall be according to this case is particular analysis above.
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