Tungsten ore (band saw blade and diamond Sand) What's the difference between a band saw blade

by:Muwei     2020-08-16
Tungsten ore (band saw blade and diamond Sand) Band saw blade mainly have the following different: a, compared with cemented carbide saw belt: 1. Cutting reinforced composites many advanced composite material containing reinforced material, such as glass fiber, kevlar fiber, ceramic and nomex polyamide. They may contain different type of resin, or laminated with different materials. These strengthen material can make sawtooth pulled apart or cause drag mark. Composite material is also very abrasive resistance, even the hard alloy saw belt could be worn not sharp. Wire is contained in rubber tire, can pull off the traditional serrate. 2. Cutting materials containing hole in sawing engine, gas flow meter and other heat exchanger used in industry, saw blade need in the cutting of holes in the back and forth. Sawtooth where there is in the hole to sink, when it meets next very hard section, its position is too low, will bear a lot of force, cause tooth pull out. 3. Cutting of hard metal and alloy carbide saw belt is usually three teeth per inch. In the cutting size is less than 2 inches ( 50mm) Hard metal or alloy, each tooth on the strength will be too big, leading to tooth fracture. Break a tooth, the whole article bandsaw will be scrapped. Saw with thousands of tungsten ore was the saw teeth, so it is very good cutting tools. Second, compared with carborundum belt: 1. The welding of the use of harsh environment: emery tape emery is be placed in the bearing metal, through electronic welded together. Tungsten ore belt is through brazing. Tungsten ore zone can endure not correct band saw speed, improper coolant, sawing machine condition is very poor, very poor technology of operators, incorrect feed force. Diamond band saw is vulnerable to damage, repair cost is very big also. 2. The cost. In many tungsten ore band saw can play, the cost of emery tape is 3 - tungsten ore belt 4 times.
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