What are the characteristics of metal band saw blade

by:Muwei     2020-08-17
Metal band saw blade is the use of cutting tools in sawing machine equipment, is the constant we used to say, it has the characteristics of high performance, strong degree, generally adopts high speed steel for tooth material, due to the nature of metal band saw has many characteristics, such as high performance, strong, easy to use, the band sawing machine is widely applied in our country, and its types are diverse, but according to the processing of materials, shape, hardness is used to select different types of saw blade. Because the structure of the special saw belt, has the very strong fatigue resistance, abrasion resistance in long time processing using are very strong and hard, is a necessary tool in horizontal sawing machine cutting equipment. The sawtooth with high abrasion resistance and long service life, this is because the high performance high speed steel, greatly improve the wear resistance. Even if it is a good thing before use and have some matters need attention when using, otherwise it will reduce the service life of saw belt. Then, use the saw with need to pay attention to what? In sawing machine operations, when need to replace new metal band saw blade, can appear sometimes incorrect installation, such as sawtooth direction error, metal band saw blade and wheel card does not reach the designated position, when used at this moment, not only cannot achieve the effect of cutting saw, at the same time will damage the blade. Not only replace the installation is very important, at the same time according to different materials to different models to choose, can undertake choosing according to constant instructions to use. Overall the characteristics of saw blade are mainly high resistance, high hardness, long service life, easy to use. So its application is very extensive in band sawing machine, can be processed wood, metal and non-metal materials.
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