Why need new double metal band saw blade grinding and gear grinding method

by:Muwei     2020-09-16
The use of the new double metal band saw blade performance not only depends on the density of the material, when buying strength, and other mechanical performance parameters of double metal band saw blade grinding more influence to the use of double metal band saw, because it will affect the service life of the double metal band saw and some other common damage, it can improve the service life of more than forty percent of the double constant. Now double metal band saw blade grinding has the specialty the running-in machine, but for the user to use effect is also different, double metal band saw blade for cutting is relying on the sharp blade, if the tooth before the first formal cutting without running in to a certain radius and radian, when cutting the fast feed is easy to strain, according to the basic cannot repair damage and wear. Running-in process for the first time in general need feeding cannot too much tape speed, where possible, also remains at about 30% in cutting, make whole band saw blade tooth is similar to the small fillet, on experienced can be judged according to the time the bimetal strip saw blade in 20 - in time Between 30 minutes. In this paper, the key word: double constant
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