Yunnan band sawing machine parts function ( 2)

by:Muwei     2020-09-04
3, yunnan band sawing machine saw frame, saw frame is supported by the fixed on the base of the roller guide rail, sliding around saw frame, driven by a feed system complete cutting and return movement, both ends is equipped with trip switch, to control the limit of the saw frame, follow the saw frame mobile cables, hydraulic tubing the drag chain, saw frame chamber into the distribution board, machine tools and tidy, beautiful, generous. 4, feed mechanism: is composed of ac frequency conversion motor, control panel, reducer, electromagnetic clutch, stents, ball screw and guide rail, etc. Saw frame roller mechanism with screw fixation is an organic whole. Motor control transmission chain, drive across the two guide rail wheel, saw frame get adjust feed rate, value can be displayed on the screen. 5, yunnan band sawing machine workbench: leave for bimetal strip between the internal and external workbench of saw blade through the slot. Workbench and no screw connections between left and right side pillar within two plate, only need to start the hydraulic oil cylinder inside the lift table, plate, will replace the saw blade. 6, yunnan band sawing machine lifting slide guide structure: mainly have the guiding role of saw belt, by clamping of the double constant carbide & other; Guide briquetting & throughout; Distributed in both sides of the workpiece. Set pressure, under fixed, horizontal fine-tuning. On guide briquetting along the guide in can slide up and down on the guide bar. Loose screw guide arm board, adjust & other; Guide briquetting & throughout; Make double constant tension & after the other; In good linear & throughout; State.
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