Yunnan band sawing machine parts function ( A)

by:Muwei     2020-09-04
Yunnan band sawing machine consists of frame, main drive, saw frame, a workbench, cooling mechanism, electrical system, feed system and guide system is composed of nine parts, etc. Respectively introduce the role of these parts below: 1, frame, composed of base, left and right side pillar, side pillars, two guide bracket and peripheral guard board, etc. Left and right side pillar, side pillar, guide bracket, etc. , are fixed on the base, welding knot cuboid basket frame. Components installed on the base, the top of the rack fixed inside and outside of the workbench. Within two guide bracket on the tile surface processing rail, bearing, and for the saw frame longitudinal sliding back and forth, realizing fast forward, into, fast rewind, finish cutting work. Rack inside and outside a guard, guard board caught within the workbench upper down the iron filings, cooling water, exiled to let crumbs slot. 2, main drive: adopt ac frequency conversion speed regulation gear reducer, active saw wheel solid loading on the main drive of the main shaft and transmission shaft connection, double metal belt drive system on the saw wheel blade, the cutting speed reached 1260 m/min. 3, saw frame, saw frame for compound bow case. Body side is equipped with double metal band saw blade guide agencies, work station, operation panel. Lower part of body with feed system, roller mechanism, cooling system. The casing is equipped with saw wheel driven saw wheel Ⅰ, driven saw wheel Ⅱ, active saw wheel, tensioning mechanism and control components, electrical system.
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